Laser Hair Removal

Hair Reduction

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?
The goal of this treatment is improvement not perfection. There will be some hair left at the end of the treatments. The amount of hair that is remaining will be relative to the fluence (energy) that the client can tolerate, the colour, the amount and the location of the hair that is being treated.

The average loss of hair at the end of consecutive sessions is 70-95% less hair. Up to 20% of the population do not respond to any laser or light treatments. This cannot be determined until after the second treatment.

Is it painful?
At first Laser skin centre we use the Alma Harmony laser that is virtually painfree. Most patients describe the feeling as a hot stone massage.
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How many Treatments will I require?
Depending on the colour of the hair and the colour of the skin, the average client will need 5-7 treatments. People with darker hair and lighter skin will need less treatments than people with darker hair and darker skin. This is due to the amount of energy that we can put into the skin without causing burns or blisters.

These treatments will work best when done consecutively. For hair removal on the face the client will need to come once every month for treatments. For hair removal on the body the client will need to come once every 6 weeks. This is due to the growth cycle of the hair.

Are there any side effects to laser hair removal?
In most cases these side effects are not permanent .Studies and experience with this technology have shown these to have some potential complications and side effects.
•    Pigmentary change
•    Purpura, blistering, and crusting
•    Pimples
•    Redness and swelling

Although complications are very rare it is very important that in the event of any of the above developing the client MUST contact the doctor/technician immediately.

Can these treatments be done on any skin colour or hair colour?
The Harmony Super Hair Removal is optimized to treat all skin types including darker skin types. The best candidate for laser hair reduction is a person with lighter skin and darker hair. This treatment can be preformed on people with dark skin with the understanding that the side effects mentioned may occur and they will need 8-12 treatments due the lower energy that we would have to use to lessen then chance’s of the side effects.
This treatment will not work on light coloured hair or hair that is grey or white.

Will I see a difference in the hair growth after the first few treatments?
There will be a 20-30% reduction of hair after each treatment. The hair that grows back will grow back in patches. This is all due to the hair growth cycle. The client will notice that there will be bald patches right next to patches of hair. These areas have been treated regardless of how much hair is growing back.

There is a period of time right after the treatment that the hair may look like it is growing faster than it did before the treatment. This is called the “shedding” period and it will last anywhere from 7-14 days. All of the hair that comes to the surface and falls out are the hairs that were in a growth cycle at the time of the treatment and have been destroyed.